Physics Teaching Needs Updating

This study is interesting and informative, and does a good job of describing the current status of physics instruction and teacher attitudes; and it takes care to delineate physics from the other sciences and other coursework in general.


I think the most interesting aspect of this article was the low adaptation rate of technology to physics instruction.  This is particularly notable given the highly technical nature of the subject itself (lending to an impression of teachers’ ability to undertake technological pedagogy), and the potential for technology’s use in this subject (the article notes that there is an “abundance” of available technological teaching opportunities).  The article also noted a lack of professional development undertaken in technology.


So, my biggest “take-away” from  this reading is the realization that physics instruction may be a little outdated in its delivery modalities, consisting too largely of lecture and problems and too little of new technological tools that could enhance student learning. and that, furthermore, my colleagues who run high schools should perhaps consider promotion of technological professional development for their physics teachers.