Rising Above the Gathering Storm


While I agree with the assessments of the bind the United States finds itself as it pertains to science and technology as stated in, Rising Above the Gathering Storm: Energizing and Employing America for a Brighter Future.  As acknowledge by everyone, we truly live in a global economy.  Issues and concerns in some remote part of the world can have a major impact on other parts of the world.  Moreover, America is losing its competitive edge in science and technology.  The recommendations in this article appear appropriate. 

There is one area, however, that concerns me and that is motivating our country to move in the direction necessary to keep America strong.  The committee states, “…the nation is unlikely to receive some sudden “wakeup” call…’  This idea reminded me of a comment from Fullan (2007).  He said that despite the warning labels on cigarette packs and the data to prove that cigarette smoking causes cancer, people continue to smoke.  Moreover, during my recent trip to South Korea during the spring break, I remember China asserting that they should be the leader in these areas and not the United States. This is precisely the issue I have with this article.  We know that we are losing ground to other industrialized nations in these key areas and yet we continue to do nothing.  The incentives proposed in the article alone may not be enough to move the collective to act with any urgency on these issues.

My hope is for our country to remain preeminent in these areas, but perhaps we may have to become second to another country in order to gain the momentum needed to push forward on these and other recommendations.