Connecting This to College and Beyond

The two things that stand out (and connect with one another) in this excerpt are “multiple modalities” and “metacognition.”  As a college professor, I benefitted greatly from my MS CLAD credential studies – most notably in alignment and utilizing multiple modalities.  With regard to the latter, unlike many accounting courses using a “sit & git” format, I interleave a good dose of groupwork and kinesthetic activity into my lectures.  The kinesthetic component sets my lectures apart from many.  Reading Dr. Herr’s comments illuminates, however, that these three modalities are crude groupings of other, more specific, categories (e.g., naturalist, interpersonal).  Furthermore, metacognition is an important component that needs more attention in my curriculum.


As we try to prepare our college students for the “real world” in which many problems and the tools to deal with them are not even present yet, we must dedicate more curriculum to teaching students to build their problem-solving skills in unclear situations – and to synthesize and evaluate.