Another Learning Theory

One learning theory not addressed in this article is the theory of neurodevelopment. Neurodevelopment suggests that each individual has their own unique learning profile (strengths and weaknesses) that can be described using neurodevelopmental constructs. These constructs in one framework are delineated as language, memory, attention, temporal-sequential ordering, spatial ordering, neuromotor function, social cognition, and higher order cognition.

All of these constructs represent observable phenomena of an individual’s learning processes. In the mid 1990’s the All Kinds of Minds Institute in North Carolina developed the Schools Attuned program to train teachers on how to observe students through the lens of these neurodevelopmental constructs and then use those observations to effectively plan lessons, construct learning environments and activities, and strategize with students on ways to be most successful in the school environment.

            This learning theory is thought to differ from others such as learning styles or multiple intelligences in that nuerodevelopmental learning profiles can be directly observed in the classroom and can develop and change over time.