ELPIS is a Hungarian open access, peer-reviewed philosophy journal, published online and also in print in two volumes per annum. The first English-language thematic issue (“The Stoic Tradition”) was published in 2018, and the second such issue is planned to be released at the end of 2020. The Journal welcomes submissions on the following topic:

Analytic Feminism

Volume 23. (2020/2.)

Analytic feminism as an area of research applies the methods, concepts, and style of traditional analytic philosophy, with a focus on issues of gender, sexism, and androcentrism. We welcome articles for our thematic issue using this approach in two major philosophical disciplines.

(i) Feminist philosophy of language. What is the semantic analysis of generic statements? What is the meaning of gender terms “woman” and “man”? How is it possible to analyze pornography using Austin’s speech act theory?

(ii) Feminist philosophy of science and epistemology. If value-free science is not possible, what is the place of feminist values in the scientific method? How can gender bias affect knowledge acquisition and the conduct of science? What forms of epistemic oppression can be distinguished and how do they work?

We encourage authors to write their papers considering intersectional perspectives as well.

Papers should not exceed 40.000 characters and should contain an abstract of 1500–2000 characters. For guidelines and instructions, please find the Journal’s style sheet here:

Manuscripts and queries should be sent to and Aron Dombrovszki at

Deadline for submission: June 30, 2020.