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El Paso Party Ponies provides the most amazing entertainment and UNforgettable memories of your childs Birthday party. How many parties have you been to where there is a PONY?? We will bring a beautiful and gentle pony right to your house or party hall. You just cant top pony rides! ---except maybe with the fabulous pictures we take of the Birthday child and all the lucky friends and family who ride the pretty pony. Professional photos of the fun that you will never forget, and maybe when you send thank you notes you can include a picture of their child on the pony. We want to help you make this party into one that no one will forget. A pony brings a smile to a child that you just cant get from a clown or jumping balloon - go over the top this year, and get a PONY! We also offer you the opportunity to take a picture of your child on the pony BEFORE your party, to make your invitations with -- for FREE, ask for details. Just look at the pictures on this website to see the kind of quality photos, and fun, that you can expect. Check us out on Facebook or read all about us on our websites! ---www.elpasopartyponies.com --- See many of our very happy customers from this year alone. We have over 20 years experience and as you can see, we have invested incredible amounts of time and resources to provide El Paso with a unique service. Feel Free to call and ask any questions too, we dont mind at all.
El Paso Party Ponies (915)487-0224 ---our Pony comes to Your party!
Welcome to El Paso Party Ponies - you must be planning a special party soon? 
Well, you have come to the right place! Look at all the pages of our site, listed at the upper left of this page - you will find all the price information and details about the service we provide. If you look at the "Pony Party Crew" page you learn more about the history of how El Paso Party Ponies came to be. Thanks for your interest, we know you'll love what we do.
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