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ArtPeace Young Entrepreneur Program 

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 Sia Robinson

My name is Sia Robinson. I am a junior enrolling at School Without Walls. In my spare time, I like writing poetry, scrap-booking, listening to music, drawing, painting and shopping. I really enjoy writing poetry thats why I choose Literary Arts Studio. I wanted to take my writing skills to another level. Throughout the program I see each and every one of us developing in our writing and maturity.

Name: Datavious K. Cross Nickname: Datay

Age: 14

School: Franklin 

Hobby: Chill with my homeboys, play football and basketball.

Why Literature: I want to get my writing skills better


Name: Ashley Britt
Age: 14
School: John Marshall
Hobbies: shopping, dancing, singing
Why Literature: Being able to express my feelings on paper


Name: Zakena Difon
School: John Marshall
Hobbies: dancing, reading, writing, shopping and swimming
Why Literary: Because I like to write read and create

Name: Tareek Farrell
Age: 16
School: Wilson
Hobbies: I enjoy boxing, listening to music and writing
Why Literary: I used to always be on punishment and one day my Momma gave me a pen and paper and left my room empty. I had no T.V, stereo ect, just a bed so I wrote because there wasn't nothing else to do.


Name: Rashied Williams Il
Age: 15
School: School Of The Arts
Hobbies: playing sports, writing
Why Literature: What got me into literature was reading Langston Hughes poem called "Dreams". That inspired that I'll be something in my life. So ladies and gentlemen get ready for me, because I'm the one.


Name: Lyteria Moses
Age: 15
School: Benjamin Franklin
Hobbies: I like to sing, dance, write, shop and act
Why Literature: I have an interest in literature because my passion is all for writing and it expresses all of your emotions, feelings and thought


name: Jared Ricks

Age: 15

School: Brighton High School

Hobbies: Enjoys playing basketball, football, writing poetry, and rapping

Why Literature: I write because it puts my emotions on paper and helps me form exploding.



Name: Opel Turner

Age: 16

School: Bishop Kearney

Hobbies: Shopping, Watching Dateline, Eating, and going to Starbucks

Why Literature: Because that's what I do best