The University Of Oregon's Environmental Leadership Program, Riparian Restoration Team would like to thank
those who have contributed to enhancing the educational experience of our 2010 project.

Nicole Czarnomski - Restoration Program Manager from the Middle Fork Willamette Watershed Council
 for providing us with the opportunity to monitor the Elijah Bristow site.

Jared Weybright- Projects Coordinator from the McKenzie Watershed Council for allowing us to work on
multiple sites, and have a better connection to the community.
Private Landowners: Damon Rapozo, Renee Douglas, Kevin Smith,Virginia and Delfino Buron- Thank you
 for allowing our team access to your land.

Peg Boulay, Katie Lynch and Shannan Stoll- for teaching and guiding us through the ELP process.  We are all so appreciative for this opportunity.

Leon Miller, Jason Elms, and Joe Durbin- for donating many of the necessary tools and supplies needed
for our field work.

Bruce Newhouse,
Glenn Miller, Eric Coombs, and Tom Forney- for allowing us the use of their pictures.