Here are some testimonials from Rev. Jescie's couples: 

 Jescie was wonderful!  She captured the spirit of our love and our wedding was a day to remember.  So many of our friends and family members really loved the ceremony - she made it extra special.  - Diane and Lee

Thank you, Rev. Jescie, for making my daughter's wedding so beautiful. Even though none of us are at all religious, we all felt that special "something" in the ceremony because of your warmth and acceptance. - Joanne

We want to thank you, Jescie, for incorporating both of our traditions and our spirituality into our wedding ceremony. We  were worried about what our families would think, because they're more religious than we are. We didn't think it could be done, but it was perfect! - Suzanne & Mark

Hi Jescie. As we all know, the weather in the Golden Gate wasn't so great on our special day! But our sailboat Commitment Ceremony was wonderful anyway. Thank you for your flexibility and for the way you made our ceremony so very special.  - Derrick  & Jay

Dear Jescie:  We can thank you enough for the way you included our children in our wedding ceremony.  They have told us that it really made a difference to them and  that they feel more like a real family now. When we all said those vows to each other,  we felt like a new kind of love was there.  
- Joe & Melissa

We were nervous about being a same sex couple getting married...especially when my dad arrived for the wedding! But all our concerns went away when you began to speak. Everything you told us during our preparation time was true. Thank you for easing our minds and helping us to have a wedding that really had "heart and meaning," as you always say.  And  guess what... now my dad has asked us to go on a vacation with him in the fall!   - Diane & Charlene

Dear Jescie, Well - our theme wedding in the theatre worked!  Even in that party atmosphere, and with all the costumes and the great backdrop - you made  the ceremony have meaning for our "real" lives.  It was GREAT - just the right amounts of  camp and  seriousity. Brava!   - Brendan & Janine

You convey a sense of the poetic, Rev. Jescie,  in the way you speak.  And you treated my son and his partner with such respect and  with a warm sense of humor...it meant everything to me.  - Irene