Volunteering in the Garden

We are always thankful for our volunteers and welcome whoever is interested in our project.  Whether you’re interested in volunteering as an individual or as a group we would love and appreciate your help.  


Group Volunteering: The garden project can be a great way for your group or organization to work together in service.  This fall we are planning several building projects and some creative planning that might be fun for your group.  If you are interested please contact Bre Detwiler at bdetwiler@elon.edu


Individual and Independent Volunteering:  The garden provides the opportunity for individual reflection through contact with the earth on campus.  If you are interested in volunteering on an independent basis, using your volunteering as a time of work and reflection please contact Bre Detwiler at bdetwiler@elon.edu for a list of tasks currently on our agenda.  Individual volunteers wanting to work with a group or with the Garden Caretaker are welcome to our garden work days and can request other times by contacting Bre Detwiler at the above mentioned address. Looking for things to do in the garden as an independent volunteer?