Check out what is currently going on in the garden

March 8th, 2007:  Today I prepared the first bed of the spring!  I planted somewhere around 150-200 Superstar onions.  I watered them in but I am a little worried about the lack of nitrogen.  I put them where there were high levels of potash so hopefully that will help. 

March 9th, 2007:  More onions.  The soil in the diagonal beds I worked today was much more course than yesterday and took twice as long.  My friend Quick (the little mockingbird that frequents the garden) was snooping around.  I think Quick might need his own journal about all the bugs I uncover daily.

March 13th, 2007: Today I created 3 more beds.  We also planted two groups of radishes.  The onions are looking a little stressed but I will try not to worry too much.

March 27th, 2007:  Spring has offically arrived!  Yesterday we transplanted the swiss chard.  Today we worked up some beds and planted buttercrunch and loose leaf lettuce as well as some arugala.  We are in the big push to get everything in the ground now.  Right now we are also hardening off the plants in the greenhouse so they will be strong and ready to be outside.

April 11th, 2007:  Well spring has come and wained.  Last week we got a hard frost and a good freeze which took out a sizable amount of the garden.  But that is part of growing.  We cannot predict mother nature.  I am looking forward to the garden opening and trying to accomplish some great things by then so the garden will be swinging before school is finished.  But I am going to need lots of help.  Interested?