Here are some photos from our adventures in and around the greater New York metro area...mostly though, the bean. 

The Bean has taken to being back east like we knew she would. She misses her Grumps, auntie Mia, auntie Drea-dre, Uncle X and cousin Max, Grace, Gaven, Eric and Heather, as well as all of her great friends from Sandy's Place. But Like we said, she's doing great and loves to see her grandma and grandpa more often, as well as her aunties and Nana and Ampu. All in all, not too shabby.

Valentine stole Beanzy's apple.

Ships ahoy!!


 Beanzy hangs out in the house in her skivvys.



This is Eloise's second cousin Clay with his mom (my cousin-interesting how that works, no?) Merideth. Clay has a twin brother (not pictured) who is also extremely cute  and was nearly as messy from the ice-cream-extravaganza. They also have a new baby sister named Lexi who is about the cutest thing you ever did see.