I haven't been as good about keeping up, here are some pix from over the past month 






Eloise enjoys stepping out in her super-cool shades from Kim and Clay Clement. We need to get her out of LA pronto before we're dealing with a major premadonna. 



Here is the Bean playing in the hose out on the patio. She definitely enjoyed the mist on  a day that was well into the 80's.

Eloise Loves to try to distract me while she avoids morsels she doesn't like. She is trying to get me to fall for the oldest trick in the book here: the old "Who's that behind you?" while the the suspect fruit slice hits the decks.

Eloise visited with Adam Cohen, my long time friend and compadre. Adam lives outside of Minneapolis, MN with his wife (also my very good friend) Rosa and their son Ilan whom we have yet to meet. It was really good to see him! Eloise agreed and even offered him a manicure.

Here is a Beanzy special. She often requests pig-tails, leaves them in for about 10 minutes (they take me 10 to put in because she squirms). Then just before anyone gets to see how cute she looks she pulls them out. HA! I have proof.

Here is Ella taking care of Theo Fortescue. Erica is a natural at being a mom and Theo is about the cutest little kid anyone has ever seen. Can anyone say arranged marriage?