E. N. Dafaalla With more than 15 membership of global bodies as well as more than 10 medals and orders in which he gained during less than 20 years of his life. He set an example to each person who is pursuing knowledge just for the god and the country he belongs.

As a result of his loyalty to this international learning institute- university of Khartoum-, he accepted many position that he were the right person at the right time to hold them. He started by being the first dean of the faculty of veterinary medicine (1958-1962). In which, simultaneously he was deputy vice chancellor of the university. Followed by, finally, being the vice chancellor. While he was the vice chancellor, he achieved many things:
Developing the departments of additional studies 
•Giving birth to the Institute of African and Asian Studies. 
•Building the main exam hall
•Building the veterinary hospital 
•The university emblem    
Then the university has to pay him back so many suggestions- which some of them had been accomplished- did appear: 
Giving an academic prize after him. 
•Building a lecturing theatre and name it after him. 
•Professor chair after his name

 With more than 15 membership of global bodies as well as more than 10 medals and orders in which he gained during less than 20 years of his life. He set an example to each person who is pursuing knowledge just for the god and the country he belongs. These include 
•Ghana university Senate. 
•Specialists in veterinary Medicine 
•International professors union 
•African universities union 
•International universities union 
•East African universities union

As all people from that era, he had that wise and deep look over things, which made them good politicians. He was the head of the round table conference in 1965 to work in the problem of southern Sudan. Then in 1972 he was awarded the position of head of the first parliament -to write the first Sudanese Constitution
Date of Birth: 1st.January 1922 

University of Khartoum:
Five years-two(1941-42)in the School of Science and three
At the Faculty of Veterinary
Science-(1942/46) graduating
from the latter.
University of Liverpool:
One year(1951/52)Research
Assistant in the Department
of Pathology and Bacteriology
Faculty of Veterinary Science 
and the School of Tropical 
Medicine And Hygiene.
University of Manchester
One year (1952)studying for 
the Diploma in bacteriology at the Department of Bacteriology Faculty of medicine. 
Qualifications and Honors
Diploma in Veterinary Science(Khartoum) 1946
Diploma in Bacteriology (Manchester) 1952 
Honorary degree of the Royal College of Veterinary 
Surgeons-(London) 1963
Gold medal of the Bolzano Foundation(Italy) 1963 
Honorary Citizen of Hanover (Hanover) 1964 
Honorary Doctor of Biological Sciences,Charles University 1966
Gold Medal of the Charles University 1966
Medal of the University of  Moscow 
Medal of the Saint Petersburg College 
Doctor Honoris Cavsa (Solis In Ortvs Edvrantis)
Order of the ConstitutionSudan 1972
Order of the Niles (First Class) Sudan 1975
Order of Arts and Science" Sudan 1977
Honorary Doctorate in law, U of K 1978
Order of  the Republic,(First Class)Sudan 1979 .
Order of the Republic,(First Class) Egypt .
Order of the Republic,(First Class)  Sudan 1993.

Awarded two Prizes for the best student,one at the end of the Science Course, 1942 and one on, completion of Veterinary Studies,1946. 

                                Career History:
Veterinary Officer in Government Research Laboratories at Khartoum, Malakal and Nyala,producing vaccines and understudying research methods  
Spent in the United Kingdom in the Universities of Liverpool and Manchester 
Occupied the post of research Officer at the Veterinary Research Laboratories in Khartoum and Malakal where he engaged on bacteriological research, mainly on contagious bovine            pleuropneumonia and brucellosis.
Promoted to the rank of Senior Research Officer and became technically responsible for Research at the Ministry of Animal Resources.During his time in the above Ministry he was member of the Faculty  Board of the Veterinary Science (1947-50 and 1952-54) He was also external examiner in Bacteriology for the         University 1955 and 1956. 
December 1956:
Joined the University as Senior Lecturer in Bacteriology .
November 1957:
Promoted to the status of Reader in Bacteriology. 
July 1958-July 1962:
First Dean,Faculty of Veterinary Science,University of Khartoum.
April 1960-July 1962:
Deputy Vice-Chancellor,University of Khartoum, while continuing to hold the Deanship of the Faculty of Veterinary Science and the Headship of the Department of Bacteriology and pathology. 
Promoted to the rank of Professor of Bacteriology- University of Khartoum 
Chairman of the round Table Conference for the Solution of the Problem of the Southern Sudan 
July 1962-July 1968:
Vice-Chancellor (President)of University of Khartoum During this period the University took Great strides in its academic and Administrative development and in its international relations with other Universities.

  • Created the emblem of the University  
  • Developing the departments of additional studies 
  • Giving birth to the Institute of African and Asian Studies
  • Building the main exam hall 
  • Building the veterinary hospital 

July 1968–December 1969:
Seconded to the association of African Universities as full-time executive Vice President,charged with the administration of the Headquarters office of the association temporarily located in Khartoum .
January 1970:
Professor of Bacteriology,Faculty of Veterinary Science,University of Khartoum and part-time administrator of the H.Q. office of the Association's office In Khartoum During his academic career,apart from teaching and research,he supervised and examined M.Sc. and Ph.D. students. 
June l970-October 1972:
Provost of Agriculture and Veterinary medicine Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria and Chairman of the Agricultural Research in
province of northern Nigeria 
October 1972-April 1975
Speaker of the People’s Assembly
(Status of Vic President of the 
Republic)for making the constitution
of the Republic of Sudan,which was 
accomplished in six months 
April 1973 July 1974:
President and Minister of the National Research CouncilSudan 
July 1974Feb 1976:
Minister of Health and Social Welfare
March 1976–Feb 1978:
Professor of Microbiology - University of Khartoum
March 1978-1981:
Executive Secretary of the United Nations 
Special Project for North Africa Green Belt 
November 1981-May 1982:
Minister of Education and Guidance and the 
President of the National Council for Higher
Education .
Membership of Panels Associations
and Societiesin professor Dafaalla served

 Ø Member of the FAO International Panel of
 experts on Pleuropneumonia .
      Ø Member of the FAO International Panel of experts on Veterinary  Education.
Ø Member of the FAO International Panel of experts on Emergency  Control of Livestock Diseases.
I.A.E.A.(International Atomic Energy Agency) 
Board of Governors of the Internal Atomic energy Agency-1973/74
U.N.E.P.(United Nation Environment Program) 
Member representing Africa among five representing the World in the Advisory Selection Committee for the Iranian International 
Prize for Environment .
WHO(World Health Organization) 
Headed Delegation for the WHO Congress 1975 .


Ø Member of the Administrative Board 
  of the International Associations of 
  Universities (Elected 1965) 
Ø Member of the Development Committee 
  of the above Boarded.
Ø Member of the International
  professors union
Ø Member of the International Association
  of University Presidents. 
Ø Chairman of the working Party of the
  I.A.U. on University Administration. 
Ø Member of the Committee of the Bolzano 
Foundation(Italy) .
Ø Member of the Scientific Council of Africa,its Executive Board and its implementation Committee  

African Associations and Councils of Universities

Ø Creator and Executive 
Vice President of the 
Associations of African   Universities. 
Ø Member of the Scientific Council for African   Organization of 
African Unity. 
Ø Member of the Executive Board and of the 
implementation Committee of the above. 
Ø Member of the Council of the University of East Africa.
Ø Member of the Council of the University of Ghana. 
Ø Member of the Executive Board of the Associations of
Arab Universities. 
Membership of Professional and 
Scientific Bodies
Ø Member of Society for General 
Microbiology of the (United Kingdom) 
Ø Member of the Society of Dermatology (United States) 
Ø President of the Sudan 
Veterinary Association 
Ø Chairman of the Editorial 
Board of the Journal of veterinary 
Science and Animal Husbandry.

Membership of National Bodies
Ø Chairman of the Round Table Conference for the Problem of the Southern Sudan. 
Ø Have also taken part in numerous committees and commissions dealing with matters of national interest.

Ø Consultant to the FAO with the regional office in Cairo. 
Ø Advisor to UNEP on matters relating to the environment,United Nation environmental program.
Ø Consultant to the national Council for Research. Conferences
Ø Attended many international and 
regional conferences dealing with 
scientific and educational topics
have travelled widely in Africa, 
Europe, America, and Asia.
And Australia,in connection with the meetings of experts on 
matters connected with University education, with scientific 
research and with professional fields. 
Ø Organized the tow general 
conferences of
 the Association
of an African Universities at Rabat,1967 and at
Short C.V. given in 
Ø List & Biographies of Most
  Famous Scientist in the World 
Ø WHO is WHO in the Middle East 
Ø WHO is WHO in the Africa

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