I should take applications for an intern.  Shades of Kramerica*!)

 (update: yo)


I'll figure something out.  For now, this will take you back to the home page.


I promise I probably won't actually stab anyone in the eye. 


*While I do not endorse everything said by M.Richards, I think I should still be able to refer to things said and done by the fictional character he portrayed (to the delight of many) without having any weird issues of some sort of -ism by proxy. 

I generally don't necessarily know the personal politics of any of the musicians behind the songs that are referred to on this or other pages either and am not sure the context behind the art necessarily matters.  


Pretty much, the text on this page is just filler to make it seem less naked...because you know how I feel about wanton nudity...not to be confused with wonton nudity, which can be tasty but is also technically better with a wrapper. 


Oh...puns ARE lazy writing! 

And, really, that doesn't make me giggle any less appreciatively. 


Stab a fork in me, I think I'm done.


This image wasn't going to go up this week, but I have landed myself into a paradox of unpleasantness (tangent) that will lead to my not getting as much done this weekend as was initially planned, which makes me hit the antacids pretty hard...and because of the knots that suddenly have appeared in my stomach I figured they'd also appear here:


On the flight I thought it looked better askew: 

Personal preference is nothing I'd get shiv-happy over though.

Unlike Shivvy McShivs-alot.  Be careful out there.

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