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    The   most   fascinating   thing   about  school   is   going   to  specials. One   special   is   gym. In   gym   we   play    volley ball    sometimes. One   other   special  is   art   and   mu sic    In   art   and   music   we   learn   holiday   songs. One   other   special   is   computeres. In   computers   we   play   lot   of   games. We   have   45  mins.   In   special   time. Specials   are  very   fun.   

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    The most fascinating thing in school are specials. In gym we learned to play volly ball. In music we  learned how sing. In computers we learned that you should not tell your real city. In art we learned how to be a good artist. Specials are fun.

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    I new to Elms School this week.  Here is what I did at my old school.  Have you ever played  in gym. I have learned how to play dogdeball . In music class have you learned peasful night.  In spanish we would learn words like this (hola),(por favor).  We  would learn st. nick at night in music. All of the specials are good for your body,so you can get stronger.                                      


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    Imagine  that  we  were  playing  in  the  gym.  imagine  in  gymyour  playing  volleyball`  so  theres  three  ways  to  pack  the  ball first  you  hit  the  ball  with  one  hand  number  two  pack  the  ball  with  both  hands  number  three  its  just  like  giveing  some one  a  hot  five  thats  how  you  pack  it.When  you  first  play volleyball  you  have  to  try  not  to  aim  at  any  one  head  or eye  because  that  happend  in  my  gym  class befor  when  you first  play  volleyball  aim  in  your  own  direction.  Also  when  you play  volleyball  you  shouid  stay  in  your  own  lane.   never  aim at   any  ones  head  or   eye.

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