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    Do  you  want  to  know  about  Social  Studies.In  Social  Studies  we  are  leaning  all  about  the  continents.We   are  leaning  about   the  oceans  and  where  we  live.There  are  a  lot  of   the  oceans.There  are  the  Indian,Pacific,Arctic,  and  Atiantic.Now  we  are   learning  about   core  Democratic  values.I  love  to  learn  about     Social  Studies.

                                       Created  By. Morgan




    Do  you  want  to  know  more  about  social  studies?This  year   

we  learned  about  the  Core Democrat Vaiues.We  might  learn

about  12  Social Studies.Social Studies  is  awesome!It  is  so  cool

learning  about  the  7  continents!I  LOVE  SOCIAL STUDIES


                                         Crated  By.    Mariah


    We learned about the continents.China has the graet wall of China.Antarctica has alot of penguins.We learned about Asia.We learned about the world and oceans.We did a paper on it.

                                          Crated By. Madeline