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    Have you been in Mrs. Holderbaum's room for science?  We are learning about animal kingdoms.  We also make a skeleton out of pipe cleaners.  But we covered the pipe cleaner that you use for our spine with noodles.  We also learned where certain animals live .We  also learned what certain animal kingdoms have on their bodies!Science is some times fun and some times hard.

Created by  Joe



    There are some things we learned with science. We have  been learning   about plants! We learned the life cycle of  a plant.  We   are learning about    animals! WE learned what cold blooded  means.I love   science!

                            Created   by  Tanner    


    Did you know plants breathe carbon dioxide! I   learnred that in science.  In science we learned we have 24 vertebrates.  In science I learned tape worms are in raw meat and they eat your insides.  I learned that mammals have fur or hair.  I learned that worms have their own animal kingdom.  Than's what I learned in science.

Created by:  Brett


    Did you know that we do science?  In science we have learned about animal kingdoms.  We have also made a vertebrate.  We have also made an x-ray skeleton.  Mrs. H showed us a website on worms.  That's what science is like.


Created by:  Kyle