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    Did you know that i love to read?In  our class we have been reading a lot. We have a reading folder with books in the folder. So we can read every day. We learned about differned kinds of stoies like realistic fiction. We allso learned about mystery. I love to read! 

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    It  all  started    on     the     second    day     of         school .   We   read    every     day   after    journal.   most  all  people    in    our   class.   All    of  us   have    different   books.We   have  read    logs   there    are   things   that   we   write  about   our  books.   Reading   is fun.                           

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    It all started when everyone got to pick there own book to read for reading time. We have special times to read. Everybody was given a reading log to record the books we've read. All of us have ben told about the author's message. Reading gives you knowledge.


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     Have you ever been in Mrs.Holderbaaums class  ?Mrs. Holderbaum reads us some books.We can read at independent time .When we write a letter to Mrs.Holderbaum we read for 20 mins or less.When we read we get smart.We can read bigger bookes.I love to read!

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