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    Have  you  ever  been   in  Mrs.Holderbaum  class? In  class  we  learned   about  clocks. Through  the  months   we  started  to  do   temperature.  We   also  know how to  count  money.  The frist  time   we   did   math  we  did   measurement.  Math  is   fun  when   your  in  Mrs.  Holderbaum'   class.

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    It all started when I was in Mrs.Holderbaums class. In math we learned about temperature. Another thing we have done is money. Also we have done time. In the math meap test we got to use calculators. I love math in Mrs. Holderbaums class. Math in Mrs.Holderbaums class is fun,cool, and great!


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    Did you know Mrs.Holderbuam makes math fun ! Here are some things we covered in math : clocks , rouding ,  money,  and temperature .  Most of the time we add or we subtract . Math can be vary  fun sometimes  in Mrs.holderbua`s class. Riht now in math we are learning how to borrow. I love math in Mrs . holderbaum`s  class .

Math Rock`s    !

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    The most fascinating thing about third grade is math.We 

learned how to use money.We learned how to use calculators.We learned how much change we get.We learned about clocks.That's why I like math!

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