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    The most fascinating thing in third grade is writing. Mrs.Holderbaum showed us how to write good pagraphs. For Halloween we made a candy corn writing. We wrote about a turkey in stuffing. Now we know how to use better verbs. That's what we do for writing in Mrs.Hloderbaum's class.                                                   

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    Did you know that if you like writing you can keep writing and make a story .If you ever play, if I were you I would stop and write.In Mrs.H.'s classroom we have to write at writing time we can not playaround.When you start writing you can keep writing and be famous and be an artist.In Mrs.H.'s classroom we write and write in Mrs.H's classroom.We love to write.If you read this I hope you will write all the time?


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    Did  you  know  that  we  are  fabulous  writers.  We  lerned  about   good  describing  words.   We also   learned how to werite good paragrahps.  Plus we learned good details.  We even learned good leads.  I love writing.


Created By:  Willow


    We have been learning cursive.  I learned how to write lead sentences.  I write way better.  I am writing more and more.  Sometimes we have to read books and write about the book.  I love to write.


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