Laurie Elmquist writes fiction and narrative nonfiction and has published her work in Grain, Prairie Fire and several anthologies, including the recently published Country Roads: Memoirs from Rural Canada.  She has recently published her work on Amazon.com in the form of ebooks. She teaches composition and creative writing at Camosun College in Victoria.




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Burning the Fields. (narrative nonfiction) Country Roads: Memoirs from Rural Canada Ed. Pam Chamberlain. Nimbus Publishing, 2010.


A Small Ceremony. (narrative nonfiction) My Wedding Dress: True-Life Tales of Lace,

Laughter, Tears and Tulle. Ed. Susan Whelehan and Anne Laurel Carter. Vintage

Canada, Random House, 2007.


Lifeline. (narrative nonfiction) HerStory: What I Learned in My Bathtub and More True Stories on  Life, Love and Other Inconveniences.  Ed. Indi Zeleny. Media Publications, 2005.


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Pike Bay Lodge (novel) Three. The Random House of Canada Student Award in Writing Volume VII (2009).

When You Comin' Home? (narrative nonfiction) Shortlisted for Event's Creative Non-Fiction Contest #19 (2006).


Now You’re Seven. (fiction) Monday Magazine Fiction Contest, July 2005.

Literary Journals

The Parts Yard. (fiction) Prairie Fire. Winter 2004-5. Nominated for the Western Magazine Awards 2006.


AnnieGrain. (poetry) Spring 2000.