Winter 2018-19 Registration

Winter 2018-19 Registration

Our registration process has changed slightly in that we will register our members for their year-long American Water Polo membership this year. That expense has been worked into your club fee. If your son or daughter played on our 14 & under team in the fall, they will not be charged for an AWP registration, but since we're moving to two days per week, we will keep the fee at $200 for the season.

Registration process

1.) Complete Registration Form (this should take about 30 seconds for parents of athletes who played on our fall team)

2.) Pay the fee in one of two ways: a.) pay in the form of a check made out to "Elmhurst Water Polo" on the first day of practice; b.) pay using the PayPal link below.

* Fee Explanations:

- 18 & under girls individual athlete: $200 (includes American WP year-long registration, Wednesday practices, and tournaments)

- 14 & under coed individual athlete who competed in fall 2018: $200 (includes Wednesday/Sunday practices and tournaments)

- 14 & under individual athlete who did not compete in fall 2018: $250 (includes American WP year-long registration, Wednesday/Sunday practices, and tournaments)

- family fee (more than one athlete in one family): $350 (includes American WP year long registration, all practices, and tournaments)