EL-MED-Pub Publishers Pakistan is an online publisher. We have experience with online publishing, both static and dynamic(Open Journal System- OJS). We may helpful in installing and running Open Journal System, and can facilitate its various functions. We also have experience of developing XML of articles to be submitted for NLM/Pubmed indexation. Any journal interested to be published with us can contact us at elmedpub@gmail.com

Price List for Pakistan only

1. OJS installation and training to the editors (editors would be able to run the entire journal themselves). RS 10,000 one time.

2. Web site (domain+hosting), OJS installation and training to editors (editors would be able to run the entire journal themselves). RS 15000 at the start then Rs 5000 per year.

3. Web site (domain+hosting), OJS installation, Publishing (copyediting, editing, layout mainly pdf, galleys, and online publishing of abstract with pdf-full text). 15000 setup charges at the start, then Rs 1000/manuscript published. Annual website maintenance worth Rs 5000 would be waived if >50 manuscript are published per year. Rs 500/manuscript would be charged for developing XML of manuscripts for submission to Pubmed indexation (optional). Rs. 300/manuscript would be charged for html-full text of manuscripts (optional).

If you plan to start an electronic journal in Pakistan or in any developing country please send us details (title of the journal, scope of the journal, editorial board, associated society, frequency per year, subject, etc.) Contact: elmedpub@gmail.com