EL Resources

 Address Description
Audio Podcasts
Ipadiohttp://ipadio.comModerated. Add audio by phone. Toll free number. Speech to text translation.
Internet Archive and Blogger
Upload your audio to Internet Archive, then create a podcast with Blogger. Unlimited space.
Posterous http://www.posterous.comNo account required, but more control if login is created. Email in your audio recordings to create an automatic podcast.
 Rich Internet Applications for Language Learning
 http://clear.msu.edu/teaching/online/ria/ A host of tool to record and publish a podcast.
Vocaroo         http://vocaroo.com/Create audio recordings online. Download them or get the embed code or link for a website.
Voki http://www.voki.com/Create a talking avatar. Students record their voice for the avatar. Finished avatars can be embedded on a website or blog, or linked to in a document.
 VoiceThread     http://www.voicethread.com Audio or video record to accompany images. Great for collaborative digital storytelling.
English Central
 https://secure.englishcentral.com/Watch a video clip. Review and speak the words. The computer rates your work.
Audio/Text-to-Speech - Speech-to-Text
 Mac Text to Speech    
 System Preferences > Speech > Text to Speech
Mac Text to Speech
In Snow Leopard, you can send to iTunes
as an .mp3

Word Talk        
 http://www.wordtalk.org.uk/Home/WIndows Text to Speech
 iPadio     http://ipadio.com Great, free speech to text utility
 Google Voice
https://www.google.com/voice An absolutely powerful utility that gives you voice mail, the ability to tie all your lines to one number, and free speech to text transcription.
YakiToMe http://www.yakitome.comFree text to speech converter. Login required. Can download .mp3 files of the text.
Larry Ferlazzo's Best Reference Websites for EL Learners  
http://larryferlazzo.edublogs.org/2008/11/13/the-best-reference-websites-for-english-language-learners-2008/ A great collection of reference sites, including pronunciation, dictionaries, thesauri, spelling, and many more.
English Verb Conjugator
 http://conjugation.com/Not only does this tool conjugate a verb, but it lists every variation of the verb possible!
Vocabulary/ Dictionary - Thesaurus
Visuwords http://www.visuwords.com/?word=aggregateOnline Visual Dictionary. Helps students see the relationship between words.
EasyDefine http://www.easydefine.com/Define a list of words all at one time, get the synonyms and download the list of words. Takes the fun out of doing vocabulary words. :)
 http://www.visualthesaurus.com/vocabgrabber/VocabGrabber analyzes any text you're interested in, generating lists of the most useful vocabulary words and showing you how those words are used in context.
Visual Dictionary Online                
 http://visual.merriam-webster.com/index.phpExplore words by seeing their relationships and connections, using visual aides. A different way to appreciate words.
 http://eyeplorer.com/show/Organizes terms into categories so they can be better understood from the contextual clues.
ThinkMap Visual Thesaurus
 http://www.visualthesaurus.com/Visualize words and their relationships
 Vocabulary/ Flashcards
Students create their own flashcards. Flashcards can be used in a variety of ways and can be accessed on mobile devices also.
 Vocabulary/ Games/Practice
Vocabulary Games and Resources
 http://vocabulary.co.il/A collection of vocabulary games for help with practice.
GotBrainyhttp://www.gotbrainy.com/Upload a picture, then write a sentence to describe the photo. Many vocabulary words are already on the site, and are searchable.
 http://www.vocabsushi.com/Real world contextual examples incorporated into games. Learns as you play more. Suitable for older students due to its complexity.
Brainpop/ESL http://brainpopesl.com/ An interactive, engaging site for students to practice English skills. Not complete yet.
Babla     http://en.bab.la/Games, dictionary, and translation tools
 http://www.forvo.com/languages/en/This service has the pronunciation for many words in English.
Google Docs
An amazing tool for collaborative writing, with many features. Requires login- which is generated by LAUSD upon request for all students.
TypeWith.me http://typewith.me/Create collaborative workspaces where up to 15 students can work on the same document in real time.
PicLitshttp://piclits.com/compose_dragdrop.aspxMuch like the magnet words that can be placed on a canvas, this site allows you to drag words around to make sentences. Playing with words helps students strengthen their command of writing.
One Million Monkeys Typing    
 http://www.1000000monkeys.com/Much like the MadLibs creations, this site allows you to read, follow a chosen path for the story, and then have the ability to add your own ending. More popular ones stay, while less popular ones fade away.

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