The 11th Doctor crashes on earth - he is very ill poison overtakes him and he faints on the floor. Although all hope is not lost as the 12th incarnation of the Doctor rises as the 11th falls.


Ellis Quarterman ..... the 12th Doctor

Sam Brown ............ Jon Tanner

Hannah Brown ........ Mary Tanner

Dalek Voices       by    Jamie Goetz and Ellis Quarterman

Ronan Patrick.......... the 11th Doctor



31/3/07 - As we all know the third series of Doctor Who starts today and also the 1st episode of the EBC dr who series airs on www.youtube.com today.....the episode is entitled New Beginnings and you can find it here http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=dcpbqDU7vsE

8/4/07 - The second episode in the series is in production now and the title is Just Deserts although it should be airing around May.

12/5/07 - There has been delays - as a member of cast has been taken ill. So Just Deserts may be a little late!

3/6/07 - At last sorry for the wait but Just Deserts - episode two in the EBc dr who series airs today on www.youtube.com you can find it here http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=-mfEXLXz5EQ

19/6/07 - We are realy on task with the 3rd episode of the EBC dr who series called Moon Mayhem which features the Judoon and the Cybermen

2/7/07 - Moon Mayhem is here watch it on http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=rd2ejcbhjwI