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Be a LEADER!  Make Good CHOICES!
Along with the regular English 9 and English 10 curriculum, I  want my students to focus and work on what they want and need to do to become successful. I want them to MAKE GOOD CHOICES, DO THE RIGHT THING, and BE A LEADER - to be respectful, thoughtful, focused, confident, active, and so much more. To go along with this, we will have a focus and focus quote for each week or two.
FOCUS:  Be a Leader - Leadership and Accomplishing Something

                   It's what you DO - So, DO what LEADERS DO
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Sarah J. Elliott
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Planning Period:  8:15-9:00   (1st Hour)
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"The control center of your life
is your ATTITUDE."
                                             - unknown  
Whether you think YOU CAN,
or whether you think you can't,
                                                            - Henry Ford