Elliott Ostler, Ed.D.

University of Nebraska at Omaha,

Teacher Education Department, 406n Roskens Hall, Omaha, Nebraska 68182

(402) 554-3486/elliottostler@unomaha.edu


Professional Preparation

Institution                                            Major/Area                               Degree             Year    

University of South Dakota                   Math/Science Education            Ed.D.              1993

University of Nebraska at Omaha        Math/Science Education             M.S.               1990

University of Nebraska at Omaha        Math Education                           B.S.                1988



Years               Position, Institution

2005-Present     Professor of STEM Education, University of Nebraska at Omaha 

1999-2005         Associate Professor of Math Education, University of Nebraska at Omaha

1994-1999         Assistant Professor of Math Education, University of Nebraska at Omaha

1993-1994         Education Instructor, City University, Bellevue, Washington. 

1990-1993         Mathematics Teacher, Elk Horn-Kimballton High School, Elk Horn, Iowa.

1990-1993         Adjunct Mathematics Instructor, Iowa Western Community College

1999-2007         Adjunct Mathematics Instructor, College of St. Mary, Omaha.

1994-2012            Adjunct Mathematics Instructor, Metro Community College, Omaha

1994-2006            Adjunct Mathematics/Science Instructor, Buena Vista University, Council Bluffs, IA


Instructional Assignments

University of Nebraska at Omaha Course Assignments:

TED 8430 – School Curriculum Planning

TED 8010 – Introduction to Research     

TED 8540 – Microcomputers in the Educational Process

TED 8970 – Independent Study (No FTE)

TED 8100 – Independent Research (No FTE)

TED 3000 – Special Topics in Mathematics (No FTE)

TED 4600 – Student Teacher Supervision

TED 4000 – Special Methods in the Content Area:  Secondary Mathematics

TED 4330 – Teaching of Math, Elementary

University of Nebraska at Lincoln Course Assignment:

TEAC801 – Curriculum Inquiry in k-12 Mathematics

Adjunct Course Assignments

Basic Computational Mathematics                      Calculus I

Developmental Mathematics                              Calculus II

Introductory Algebra                                          Calculus III

Intermediate Algebra                                         Differential Equations

Pre-Calculus Algebra                                        Calculus Based Statistics

Euclidean Geometry                                         Abstract Mathematics

Business Statistics                                            Applied Linear Algebra

General Statistical Methods                               Non-Euclidean Geometries

Mathematics for Health Occupations                   Elementary Science Methods

Mathematics for the Trades                                General Physics

Trigonometry                                                     Numbers and Geometry for Teachers


Selected Publications

Ostler, E. (In Press 2012).  Exploring logarithms with a ruler.  The Mathematics Teacher.

Ostler, E. (2012).  21st century STEM education:  A tactical model for long range success.  International Journal of Applied Science and Technology.  (2)1, 28-33.

Grandgenett, N., Ostler, E., Topp, N., & Goeman, R. (2012).  Robotics and Problem-Based Learning in STEM Formal Educational Environments.  Robotics in K-12 Education: A New Technology for Learning (Chapter 5) pp. 94-119.  IGI Global:  Hershey, PA

Ostler, E. (2011).  Teaching adaptive and strategic reasoning through formula derivation: Beyond formal semiotics.  Sutra: International Journal of Mathematical Sciences Education.  (4)2, 116-126.

Ostler, E., & Flesch, M.  (2011). Suggestions for making vertical articulation between courses a tangible part of

          the mathematics curriculum using Dynamic Solution Exercises.  MathAMATYC:  Journal for the Association

          of Two Year Colleges.  Fall, 2011.

Flesch, M., & Ostler, E.  (2011).  An analysis of how proctoring exams in online mathematics offerings affects

          student learning and course integrity.  International Journal of Mathematics Teaching and Learning.  Spring,


Ostler, E., Topp, N., Goeman, R., & Grandgenett, N.  (2011).  Contributing to the cyberinfrastructure:  An

          interactive STEM lesson development model for educational robotics.  Proceedings for the Society for

          Information Technology in Teacher Education conference.  Chesapeake, VA: AACE.

Flesch, M., & Ostler, E. (2010).  An analysis of proctored versus non-proctored tests in an online intermediate

          algebra course.  MathAMATYC:  Journal for the Association of Two Year Colleges.  Fall, 2010.

Ostler, E. (2009).  From Robotics to semiotics:  Using robots and graphing calculators to provide context for

          traditional algebra skills.  Proceedings for the Society for Information Technology in Teacher Education

          conference, p.p. 3606-3610.  Chesapeake, VA: AACE.

Ostler, E., Grandgenett, N., & Mitchell, C. (2008).  Innovations in mathematics assessment: Some reflections on

          using Solution Dynamics to enhance quality indicators in mathematics.  The Mathematics Educator.  18(2),


Ostler, E. (2008).  Graphing to Guilloché, Functions to Fabergé (yes… as in eggs):  An Examination of

          Transformational Coefficients in Curve Sketching.  Mathematical Connections.  Series 2, Number 4. 

Grandgenett, N., Ostler E., Jeanetta, J., Surface, J. (2007). Evaluating a four state workforce education project:

          questions of investigative interest and impact threads.  The Journal for Workforce Education and

          Development, 2(4), 1-20.

Ostler, E. (2006).  Geometric Addition Plus Logarithms Equals Geometric Multiplication. Practical Uses of Math

          and Science (PUMAS Collection)  http://pumas.jpl.nasa.gov/examples/layout.asp

Ostler, E. (2005).  Regression analysis revisited:  Deriving the regression equation using matrices.  The Source,

          4(4), 18-24.

Ostler, E., Grandgenett, N.F., Topp, N.  (2001).  Revisiting mathematics instruction in a graphing calculator

          environment: An overview of teacher preparation.  The Source, 3(1), 29-33.


Synergistic Activities

  • External Funding: Current CoPI of the SPIRIT 2.0 Educational Robotics Grant (2007) NSF/DR K12, $3 Million, 2007-2012; PI/CoPI roles on 12 other federal, state, and private foundation educational grants totaling more than $10 million.
  • General Research Dissemination – Approximately 70 journal publications, 4 textbook resource publications, 50 International, National, and State conference presentations.
  • College Board National Consultant Advisory Panel member and College Board Trainer for Pre-AP Vertical Teams in Mathematics and AP Assessment.
  • United States Patent #:  D506938 Improved Ruler Set.  Original Invention for middle and secondary level mathematics education.
  • NASA product review consultant for NASA education products in the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES).
  • Mathematics Education Professional Development Consultant for approximately 250 full day mathematics and STEM education workshops.
  • National Science Foundation Grant Reviewer for Discovery Research K-12 awards.
  • Avenue Scholars Foundation Mathematics Instructor, Omaha, NE.
  • Nebraska Association of Teachers of Mathematics Executive Board Member.   


Collaborators:  B. Chen (University of Nebraska at Omaha); P. Clark (Strategic Air and Space Museum Education Director; Plattsmouth, NE); N. Grandgenett (University of Nebraska at Omaha);  J. Harris (University of Texas); R. Mortenson (University of Nebraska at Omaha); Michael Flesch (Metropolitan Community College, Omaha, Nebraska)

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