Elliott on Airguns

A book for airgunners and shooting enthusiasts

Available on CD or printed

            Explore adult precision airgunning in a book that collects 30 articles written by Jock Elliott for Precision Shooting and The Accurate Rifle magazines.


            Thirty-one PDF files with photographs take you through the fascinating world of airguns, from the (ab)original airgun (the blowgun), to long-range shooting with some of the world’s foremost air marksmen, to the airgunsmiths who build some of the world’s best airguns, to the tough game you can play in your backyard: minisniping.


            If you shoot, would like to shoot more in the comfort of your own yard or basement, or are simply intrigued by airguns that can hit at dime at 50 yards, check out Elliott on Airguns.


            Here’s what readers have to say about Elliott on Airguns:


“$22 bucks?! GIVE ME A BREAK!!! THIS IS A STEAL!!! Jock Elliot brought me back several years to a time when journalism was keen. Gentlemen, if you have not read this compendium of airgun knowledge, yet, you are deprived of the best in airgun journalism EVER!!! Thanks, Jock!!! I robbed you! The price is WAY too low for the content, my friend. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for GREAT airgun journalism! Jock Rocks!”

--  Ric


“I received my CD today from Jock. It is well organized and filled with a plethora of useful and entertaining information. It has some 30 chapters filled with the quality stuff we love to read about. All the chapters are in pdf format so searching and viewing is great. I definitely feel I got more than I paid for, thanks Jock.”

-- Steve in CT


“I've had the pleasure of reading an advance copy for a couple days now and...

...happily note that, in these 30 articles, Jock breezes through pretty much an overview of the entire history (including pre-history actually) of the technology of the airgun: from lung-power through the origins of the Daisy to contemporary PCP. I think my favorites are the articles on ‘low-power tack-drivers.’


Each article is written in Jock's easy-to-read style and the whole Adobe-formatted collection is pure plug-and-play.


A real "page-turner!" (Well - virtually  ). Highly recommended.”

-- Steve in NC


“This is a nice introduction for friends and other folks who may be interested or interestable in airgunnery. It won't answer detailed questions, but it wasn't designed to do that. It's a series of articles Mr. Elliott wrote for the two premier English language technical journals on shooting. The readership of those two books collectively is as expert and as picky as any on earth. The articles are plenty interesting for folks who already know about airguns, but they assume only the ability to understand simple technical description and little background knowledge, so they are ideal for novices. I've sent discs to folks who would be caught by the bug if they knew these things existed.

If you don't know Jock's work, I must say that he is knowledgeable, has an enjoyably readable and straightforward writing style, and is possessed of an abiding fascination with aerohoplology that shows contageously in these little pieces. Get one for yourself. Get one for your powdershooting friends. Get one for anybody who likes guns and technology, especially if he or she is limited in shooting by urbanization.

They'd be bargains at twice their price.”

                  -- D.N.K. in Colorado


Table of Contents


An Introduction & Legal Stuff


Bonus Chapter the (ab)original airgun  


Chapter 1 The Daisy Red Ryder


Chapter 2 The Daisy Avanti Elite


Chapter 3 Minisniping Revisited


Chapter 4 Those Surprisingly Accurate Varmint Airguns


Chapter 5 My Quigley Shot


Chapter 6 The Talon Raptor and Venom


Chapter 7 My Quigley shot part 2


Chapter 8 A view to a kill


Chapter 9 Lever Action Lightning


Chapter 10 Benjamin Scout Rifle


Chapter 11 20 Cal Comes of Age


Chapter 12 Stealthy Limey Peashooters


Chapter 13 Fainting squirrels and steel crows


Chapter 14 Perfect stealth varminter


Chapter 15 Minisniping Revisited Part 2


Chapter 16 Low Power Tackdrivers


Chapter 17 Useful stuff for airgunners


Chapter 18 Varmint Kong The Laminated Target Stock Career


Chapter 19 The Long Rangers pt 1


Chapter 20 The Long Rangers pt 2


Chapter 21 The Airgunsmiths Gary Barnes2


Chapter 22 The Airgunsmiths TimMcMurray


Chapter 23 Logun Mk II professional


Chapter 24 The Airgunsmiths John Whiscombe


Chapter 25 The Sheridan an American classic


Chapter 26 Logun Axsor


Chapter 27 Daisy TargetPro 953


Chapter 28 The Condor


Chapter 29 Airguns mildots and hunter class


Chapter 30 Beeman R1


Here’s How to Order Elliott on Airguns


The printed book is 8.5 x 11 format, 168 pages, comb binding, black and white throughout. The content is exactly the same as Elliott on Airguns, the CD, but all the photos are in black and white. Most of the photos on the CD are in color.

The cost of the printed book is $30 shipped anywhere in the US, $32 if you insist on priority mail. Each copy will be hand autographed by me.

The CD is available for $22 regular mail; $24 for priority mail.

If you want both the CD and the printed book, it's $40 via regular mail; $42 for priority mail.

Overseas orders, please email first with your address, so I can properly calculate shipping. Make sure checks or international money orders are made out in US funds.

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