Elle Terranova

Tired of blogging. Turned to Photoshops, instead. 

Some of my favorite entries

Not because they scored well -- many did not.  

(Clicking an image opens it up larger and in a new window.)


Photoshop this orchid 

Theme: Wet Kitty


 Theme: when it's not worth it to buy generic


Not entered in a contest, just something I worked damn hard on.

 Photoshop this frozen lamp.

 Today's Iron Photoshop ingredient: Feathers

 Photoshop this lizard

 Photoshop the Feds fund rate diagram

Photoshop what the world would look like if casemodders ran amok.

 Photoshop this flowering cactus

 Could B Beta

This little page is built using Google's Beta Page Creator. By Beta, I think they might mean Alpha as it has a long way to go still.

Not that I am complaining. It's really not bad at all and chock full of Web 2.0 tricks. 

If some of the images shown here appear broken that's because there is a bandwidth limit to Googlepages that isn't mentioned in any TOS or FAQ I could find. No biggie, but it would've been nice to know before using this space to host Fark contest entries. The lost images will eventually show up again in a couple weeks, from what I've read. 



Fark Honor Roll 


Dali's Llama 




Free iPod (legit)