Workshops available

Shorter Yoga Anatomy and Therapy courses

1. The lower back (herniated discs, sacro-iliac issues, sciatica)                            3-4 hours
2. Scoliosis                                                                                                       2-3 hours
3. The shoulders and neck   (arms and hands if 4 hours)                                   2-4 hours
4. The hips and knees (and ankles and feet if 4 hours)                                        2-4 hours
5. The elbows, hands, ankles and feet                                                          2-3 hours
6. Fertility                                                                                                         3-4 hours
7. Menopause                                                                                                  3-4 hours
8. Womens’ cycles  (fertility, menstruation, pregnancy and menopause)                 5 hours
9. Yoga for osteoarthritis                                                                                 2-5 hours 
10. Yoga for osteoporosis                                                                                 2-3 hours
11. The physiology of relaxation                                                                       3-5 hours
            (physiology illustrated lecture on the stress response and the relaxation response,  plus how to integrate restoratives,pranayama and meditation into yoga classes)                                  


1. Although therapeutics is often taught in lower body/upper body segments, I prefer to give the spine (especially the lower back which is the bridge between upper and lower) its own section, and then the hips-legs-feet and shoulders-neck-arms  their own time as well. But I can recombine as needed.

2.  Any of the above workshops could be geared toward mostly students with conditions, or teachers.  I have also done a format where I meet with the teachers in the morning, covering guidelines and details, then the students come in for a class and the teachers assist me, so the students get a lot of assisting. 

Longer Yoga Anatomy-Therapy courses

1.  Anatomy and Therapy 1 -  The Joints and Muscles                                      20 - 30 hours

                  Sessions on the spine, the hips, the legs, the shoulders, the arms

2. Anatomy and Therapy 2 -  Physiology and the Body Systems                        25 hours, but can be in 3-4 hour modules              

          Nervous, endocrine, digestive, cardiovascular, respiratory, urinary, immune, reproductive.  Common conditions and how yoga can help.                                                                                                

 Kinetic Awareness

This bodywork method, using rubber balls of various sizes to massage the body, is a marvelous adjunct to yoga practice. The work helps to release chronic physical and emotional tension, rehabilitate after injuries, increase range of motion, and enhance breathing and general well-being. There are about 40 different techniques, and I can teach it in segments as short as 2 hours and as long as 25 hours.