Ellen Stevens earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science at the State University of New York at Brockport and her Master of Business Administration degree at the Simon School of Business at the University of Rochester after spending time as a small business owner and commercial insurance underwriter.  After earning her MBA with concentrations in Finance and Economics, she worked as a Financial Analyst for a Fortune 50 company in Atlanta, Ga., immersing herself in the investment, cash management, risk management, and acquisition/divestiture activities of a large corporation.

As sometimes happens, the direction of her career changed when the demands of family became more pressing. In search of the flexibility that a corporate career did not allow at that time, she left corporate life to teach college economics and operate a small business. 

Ms. Stevens currently owns and operates The Beanery Coffee Roasters, a regional coffee roasting operation, and teaches the face-to-face and online Survey of Economics courses, focusing on applications to real world markets, particularly the world coffee market.  She is active in the Specialty Coffee Association of America, having hosted several regional coffee events and educating the community about coffee roasting, cupping, and growing.  Her current interest is writing case studies about the coffee business for use in the economics classroom, and writing for coffee trade publications.

The Business of Coffee Roasting