To purchase advance tickets online: 

They must be purchased 
a minimum of one day
before the scheduled show 
to allow processing.

Same day tickets are purchased at the theatre box office.

Our regular show tickets are $7.00 per person. 

We are currently doing online sales 
for the following shows:

STAR WARS:   THE FORCE AWAKENS  -  All Seats are $7

FRI  12/18 - 7 PM
SAT 12/19 - 7 PM
SUN 12/20 - 3 PM

FRI 12/25 - 7 PM
SAT 12/26 - 7 PM
SUN 12/27 - 7 PM

You must print your receipt page from Pay Pal Site - It is your ticket!!!

You MUST  - Type in   name of  -  Film  and  Date.
examples   -   

 StarWars - fri  12/18      or        sw  - 12/18  7pm

 Click -  add to cart button  - 
you can add additional tickets when it goes to the shopping cart page in Pay Pal.

If you are buying tickets for additional people - Send us the list of names and 
if they arrive before you - we will check them off at the ticket booth for admission to the film with Photo ID. 
Our email is

Tickets are always sold at the theatre for each show. 



 FOR a Birthday or other Holiday  GIFT  - 
INSTEAD OF FILM NAME & DATE -  JUST TYPE  -      GIFT  -  the date purchased 

You print your receipt and give it as a present & they can use it for any movie. 
Buy a ticket for as many as you need.


Oct  28 2013 -  E. Mollohan was our first electronic tickets ever sold.  
2 tickets for-  Hunger Games 2 - 11/21/2013 8pm