Currently there is no purchase of tickets online: 

Tickets are purchased at the theatre box office.

Our regular show tickets are $7.00 per person. 


Tickets are always sold at the theatre for each show. 

We have 250 seats and have never sold out!  

Although if you have a special place

you prefer to sit in the theatre

you must be there first to get that seat.

We have three sections of seats, 

two sections have the older red seats,

the center section has around 105 gray seats

that were installed in July 2017.

These are newest and the most comfortable,

and they also have cupholders!

If you wish to sit in the center section

you must be

some of the first people into the theatre.

First in gets first choice on seats!

There is no reserved seats & they all cost $7.00 each.

Hope to see you soon!



Oct  28 2013 -  E. Mollohan was our first electronic tickets ever sold.  
2 tickets for-  Hunger Games 2 - 11/21/2013 8pm