192 Main Street Sutton, West Virginia 26601 (304) 765-2519 

Want to bring the students from your school,
let them watch a movie and have a snack! 

Do they need a reward for doing well,
having a contest 
or something in line with their current studies.

A visit to Elk Theatre can be the perfect answer
for a fun field trip for your students!

 We can seat up to 250 people for your visit.

Cost - $6.00 per person for the movie.
(Includes per person a bottle of water or juice box & a little box of popcorn.)

What type media do you need to show?
    Educational, based on a book they are reading,
an animated feature or just something funny.         

Send us a message or give us a call.

Chuck & Jane   304 765 2517

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Chuck 304 689 6013
Jane  304 689 6011

We can usually book a private show for when you need it,
unless Chuck has a scheduling conflict.
{He is a school teacher!)

If you want to book a visit and watch a current "New Release" film 

being shown at our theatre,

the Production Companies own their films and 

may require you pay the normal $7 ticket price for each entry for the film,

in addition to any deal we may work for concessions for your visit.

This would be a Production Company choice,

they set the required amount for entry into their films,

as they own the film rights and

we at Elk Theatre have no say.