The wish is she will

remain open as 

an operating theatre 

for the citizens of Braxton Co WV.

She's a 1937 


one screen movie theatre!

She shows 

First Run Films 

from most of the film companies.

She has

updated projection & sound system.

To show films...

 You must 

lease them from the warehouse.

You receive a "projection key"

 for your shows.

Your cost is... 

a percentage of each ticket price

paid to owner of the film.

(or a flat rate instead)

You Do Not

buy films 

or own the rights to the films.


Building was appraised before

we had digital projection installed in 2013,

she appraised for $90,000.

Owned by Murphy Entertainment LLC

Contents and any additional ownership info...

($ listed is cost we paid or replacement cost)


Building, equipment & property

lot size  34X100 ft  

34 FT X 65 FT AUDITORIUM   approx.  245 SEATS     

Projection Screen    22 ft w. X 10 ft.h.  

Stage behind screen.   (will have to get size)  

Film Projection Room


Projector - NC900c    w/Doremi Server    (cost $40,000)

Also w/dell automation

Sound - CP650  7.1 surround  

(several thousand $$ in sound equip)

 5 x 2 channel amps

Backup sound/ CP500 + Dax

Large Marquee on front of building 

($1200 just the plexi plus additional other parts in 2021)

Original Antique Blinking System - still works perfectly!

($ Priceless!)

Marquee plastic 6” sign letters  -   assorted    

Asst. Used Equip & materials in projection 


Concession Area  approx. 10'w X  9'd  

Popcorn Popper  -  Creters Headliner 32HDL  1 ct  

(cost would be $7000)

Oil Heater Attachment    Heats a 50lb bucket of oil    1 ct

Oil Heater Attachment    Heats  2 - 35lb box of oil      1 ct    

(35lb attachment - Pd $1600 in August 2022)

Popcorn scoop    Stainless Steel   1 ct

Hot Butter Dispenser   Stainless Steel   1 ct  (they sell for $200 to $400)

Cup & Bag - Service Table   

NSF Stainless Steel w/3 shelves   1 ct    (Cost between  $300 to $400)

Concession Dish Sink           (Cost a couple hundred $)

3 Bin Stainless Steel w/faucet & spray     


Concession Hand Sink         (sells for $100)

1 Bin Stainless Steel w/faucet        inc/13G trash can w/lid    REQ

Coffeemaker  per cup – uses pods - Mr. Coffee Keurig   1 ct  (if like it included)

Vented Exhaust Fan 900CFM 

Stainless Steel w/3 washable SS filters    1 ct   


(Cost was $400 - before installed w/electric in 2020)

Craft Master Water Heater   -  12 gal - undercounter   1 ct   ($300-350)      

6 spout - single flavor dispensing Soda Machine & compressor system Owned & serviced by Pepsi  1 ct  (if something is wrong-  Pepsi fixes it!)

Cleaned & sanitized by Elk Theatre

Pepsi Syrup Rack & Hoses      Owned & serviced by Pepsi     1 ct

Cleaned & sanitized by Elk Theatre  

‘Pepsi’ Cart - wood w/wheels    1 ct     

Built to hold & clean behind Pepsi machine

Refrigerator w/thermometer        1 ct         (approx $700)

Full Size – to chill water, Gatorade ect.

Icemaker w/thermometer    80 lb per day    1 ct        ($    )

Counter Napkin Dispensers      2 ct          (cost $25)

Double Sided Spring Load - Black & Silver

asst price sign & ast letters     


Additional Equipment  

Screen Pully System   w/Hand Winches  & Nylon Cord - 2 ct 

1 ct Socket Set - Black Case  + asst screwdrivers  (came with theatre)

Office desk   1    File cabinet  1    Sofa bed      1

2 restrooms w/Floor Drains    both have 13G trash cans w/lids   REQ 

2X toilets, hand sinks, faucets & mirrors  

4 restroom paper dispensers  -   2X - Toilet Paper   2X - Touchless Hand Towels


2  Large Lobby Trash Cans  w/Lids   REQ

for popcorn/drink waste after shows

Upright Vacuum      1

Asst brooms & dust pans

heat tape on water pipes


Supplies On Hand

Supplies Shelf  -  NSF Stainless Steel w/Wheels  X1    (Cost over $100)

Serve Food - items REQ to start.

Gloves, chlorine test strips, sanitizers

Popcorn           50lb


Buttery Topping   1 gal jug     -  1 ct

Popping Oil    

Yellow Coconut Oil    35lb blocks       - 1 ct

Popcorn Bags     4 sizes 





Soda Cups          3 sizes 




Paper Supplies - REQ for operation

Counter Napkins        

Hand Towel rolls         

Toilet Paper rolls     

Sales price requires

Elk Theatre to remain in operation

as the county movie theatre! 


All other equipment, furniture ect Not Listed 

is property of Jane Murphy  

- to be removed when sale of theatre is final.