ELK THEATRE is located in Sutton, West Virginia.
Check out Sutton history too. Listed in 1987 in The National Historic Registry.

In Spring 2007, the Elk Theatre was going to close.
It is the only movie theatre in Braxton County.
(Braxton County population in July 2007: 14,639)

When it was built, it was called the Alpine Theatre of Sutton.
The closest movie theater is 30+ miles away, in the next county.

We started our company, Murphy Entertainment LLC, in April 2007.
We had decided to purchase the Elk Theatre and try to get it back on it's feet.
We knew we were in for a big job.
There were still a few loyal customers, so we needed to save the Elk Theatre,
for our county, and for this small town.

All the residents of Braxton County, our neighbors and our visitors
should be able to have an entertaining time,
and watch a first run movie without leaving the county.
Well at least that was our thought!

So in July 2007, we purchased Elk Theatre, and have been working to keep her running.
At present there are no employees, we and our family/friends are all volunteers.
We do everything for the theatre between our jobs and everything else we are involved in.
Our family/friends volunteer on weekends to help,
we need more than two people to sell tickets, sell concessions and clean the theatre after a movie.
When we first bought the theatre, two people could do it all.
As we have worked on the theatre and attendance for the shows has increased, 
we now need some help.
Hopefully this trend will continue and the Elk Theatre can someday pay employees.
We are just thrilled if she pays her mortgage,
and hope she can pay all her monthly bills for operation.

We finally had to raise our concession prices in June 2009, in 2012, and in 2018.
We had been using the price list from the previous owners.
We hated to raise the prices but our suppliers had increased our costs
for everything about three times, with each price change.
The only way to cover those costs was to charge competitive prices for our concessions.
We still charge less than the surrounding counties.
Check out our price list, we still have family friendly prices, we are trying to stay affordable.

We show first run films from all the major production companies, on weekends.

We sponsor the Elk River Music & Arts Festival every year, usually in April.

We also show films for the WV Filmmakers Festival,
most of those films are by West Virginians, about WV, or have some link to WV.
It's "West Virginia's Independent Film Festival".
They are through the WV Film Office.

We sponsor the WV Filmmakers Festival annually the first weekend of October, 
that is also our Sutton Fall Festival. Come join the Celebration.
We have a whole town full of things to see, taste, smell, 
or just come to listen to the music.
So many things to do!

The theatre is available for special events, please give us a call,
304-765-2519 or 304-765-2517- talk to Chuck or Jane.