We Just  Want To Say THANK YOU!!!

We have received 
several donations 
from our family, friends, 
neighbors, local groups,
local businesses, 
and our loyal customers 
we have even received 
from total strangers.
(always nice to make new friends!)

 We are just amazed 
by all the caring people!

We would just like to say 
You guys are all Great!

For each and every one, 
we truly appreciate
all the support and caring
to  help us 

go for the new projector.
We found one! 
It cost $40.000!


Elk Theatre should be here 
to entertain us all 
for several more years!!!

With several donations, 
a large bank loan 
and savings  - 
anything is possible.
{although the theatre must 
meet the loan payments 
to keep the projector.}

We will continue to accept Donations 
for the Payments on the Projector.
If you would like to Donate to those payments 
we appreciate every cent!



Thank You to the 
Braxton Co. Rotary!   $1000.

Thank You 
for our 
Local Donation! $3000.

Thank You for our 
Anonymous Donation! 

Thank You
Sutton Moose Lodge 
For assisting in donations.




Comedy in Braxton County! 

Celebrate some of the 
area's funniest comedians 
for a special free show. 

Comedians include 
Ryan Carrier, Thomas Mac, 
Andy Frampton and more! 

Admission is free. 
Donations accepted.
Proceeds go to 
the Elk Digital Fund. 

Thanks for a Great Evening Guys!  
Raised $67.00 for the Digital Fund!
APR 19 - 20  2013   
Thanks Everyone! 
Tickets & Donations raised $1799.


Thank You to 
Our Great Family & Friends 
that just handed us
a  $50  or  $100  bill
just to help 'Save the Theatre' 
and keep it open.



We will continue to accept donations until we have paid the financed portion of the $40,000.

The Elk Theatre has been a place to enjoy current movies 
and still afford to bring an entire family for a movie and concessions. 
The technology that has been in place at the Elk, has been there for many years.  
We use a 35mm film projector and platter system.  
The industry has been slowly converting over to digital movie prints, 
which requires a special digital projector that the movie industry has approved. 
The time has come where all movie theatres are being forced to change the way they show movies and are being forced to purchase a new projector or go out of business.  

35mm print movies are being produced less and are expected to no longer be made sometime in 2013. Production companies have not given an exact date; it will just happen when they decide to make no 35 mm prints of the new movies. 
For the bigger Cineplex type movie houses, this is not as big of a deal, 
but to theatres like the Elk, it may be devastating.   
The cost to convert to digital is around $40,000, 
and this is without 3-D capabilities for a used projector system.  

The Elk Theatre is rare in that it is a family owned and run movie theatre. 
All the owners in the past have put their own money into the theatre to make improvements or upgrade equipment. We have done this as well. 

Since 2007 when we purchased the movie theatre, 
we have reinvested by updating many things: 
a new movie screen, Dolby digital sound system, a popcorn maker 
as well as a lot of work on the building itself.

Having a family run business has allowed us to share the business with our family.  Several of them have worked with us at the theatre. We have also been committed to showing good movies nearly every weekend since 2007.  We have worked all but a handful of these weekends over those years.  We still enjoy coming to the theatre each weekend and sharing the movie experience with so many.  We strive to keep the theatre open and at a cost where all families can come and share the theatre with their children.  This projector conversion is one that could force us to shut the doors.  Although financing for it is available, the theatre would not be able to afford additional debt to this extent.  

Therefore, we are reaching out to our surrounding communities 
and everyone we can reach 
to help for support in this.

Funds raised will only go toward the projector conversion cost. 
If for some reason the goal is not met and we are still unable to purchase the projector,  
we will refund to those who donated and/or donate the funds to another local cause.

This fundraising has only one goal...Keep the Elk Theatre Open! 

We have set up the accounts to accept your donations, 
please try to help us save the Elk Theatre.

We are also currently doing several fundraising events to help raise the funds.

Listing of fundraisers to follow below.


We truly appreciate every penny donated 
to the Elk Theatre Digital Projection Fund. 

We definitely would never accomplish this 
with out all the love, support and generous donations.

Donations are accepted at the Elk Theatre during all show times

If you would like to donate through the computer you can click on our link, 
just fill in your info to do an automatic donation to our Paypal donation account. 
You can also Donate with your Smartphone!
PAYPAL Donation

Scan & Donate to the 
Digital Fund with your Smartphone!
Donate To Elk Theatre Digital Fund

If you can help we really appreciate it,  
we would love to keep the Elk Theatre open 
and affordable to everyone.

We just personally could not do this conversion on our own, 
and she is the only movie theatre in Braxton Co. 
It would be horrible to close her doors - 
because of these film industry changes.

If you know others that could possibly help, 
Please send them our way. 
We can use all the help we can get.
The entire County appreciates the help.



We had a few pancake breakfasts 
at Town Square Cafe & Restaurant in December 2012.
Thanks Bob & Tamara.



Town Square Cafe 2012 Fundraiser 
SANTA Breakfasts!


Jan 2013 - we started issuing donation tickets 
for a drawing for a 308 with scope and camo stock. 
Donation tickets for the 308 drawing were $5.00 each. 
Tickets were available at the Elk Theatre during shows 
or  we usually had the tickets with us.
The drawing from Donation Tickets was Nov. 1 2013,
right before Deer season.
 Nov 1st 2013 $5 Donation Tickets Drawing Model 308 Deer Rifle  Winner was G. Mitchell

Sutton Moose Lodge helped us with $250 of donation tickets.

On April 19 & 20  We had great music 
We had over 20 bands donate their time to play and they raised $1799.00.

May 13  Woodmen Of The World Of Morgantown WV 
Sent Their Very Generous Donation of $500! 

raised several dollars for the Elk Digital Fund. $67     

In July - Our Bank agreed to loan Elk Theatre 
part of the funds needed to purchase the projector.
We will continue to accept donations to assist 
with that financed portion until it is paid off! 
We keep a Donation Box on the counter in the theatre.

In Aug 2013...
We received a 'Very Very Generous' Anonymous Donation. $12,000

In Sept - we received a Very Generous Donation from a local business. $3000

As soon as our paperwork is finalized we can order the projector !!!!

We are on our way to Digital!

In Nov - we received a very Generous donation 
from Braxton Co. Rotary. $1000


A little count down of how our fundraising worked...

As of January 15th 2013 - 
we had $2000.00 and we were just getting started!!!

As we started receiving donations,
we made deposits to the Elk Theatre Digital Fund, and watched it grow.

On 4/27/2013 - fund was just over $6100.00

6/26/2013  -  up to just over $7000.

7/31/2013  -  up to just over $7200.

Aug  + $12,000  &  Sept  + $3000

OCT 2013 - We ordered the Digital Projector!!!
Delivered on 10/15/13.

Nov 2013 + $1000


When you add those big donations 
and all the donations made 
by our family, friends and loyal customers;
everything we had deposited since we started the fund*.
*Deposits were from money given to us personally, 
funds raised by donation tickets
and donations in the donation box at Elk Theatre.

We raised enough in the Elk Theatre Digital Fund
and secured a loan to get the projector installed!
Now we make payments on the loan to keep it!


!!! Our Digital Projector was delivered to the Elk Theatre  {10/15/2013} !!! 
It cost $40,000 and only took a few days to install. 

With the projector, installation 
and all the little things needed to hook it up 
ready to show a movie. It ended up costing just over $40,000.

We opted the go a few $$ higher and 
we were able to get the new version projector developed for small theatres.

The Elk Theatre should be here for several more years!!!
Thanks Everyone!

We and our family 
are both Thrilled and Honored,
as well as Humbled by the Generosity
of all the Great People, Organizations and Businesses 
in our lives.

We could not have saved the 
Elk Theatre without your help.

We would just like to say 'Thank You' again,
  Chuck & Jane.  304 765 2517