Our theatre has a
Our screen measures 22 ft w. X 10 ft.h.

The first project in the auditorium was replacement of the screen.

In 2007 the screen was duct taped together up one side because it was ripped loose.
The other side had starting ripping and had already started being taped.
So we contracted Moore Theatre Equipment in Charleston WV 
to order and install a new screen for $1500.

Originally it seated more than 250 but the hallway was changed by previous owners
and a few rows of seats were removed. 
A few seats still need repaired but we have not gotten to that yet.

We have 20 foot ceilings (guess - I haven't measured it.)
Our 9' step ladder just wasn't working to clean the ceiling and walls.
{I stood on the very top to reach the cobwebs with a broom - that was far too dangerous!
My husband purchased me scaffolding so I wouldn't break my neck.}
We even had to replace part of the walls that had previous water damage.

We really need to paint but there are several other projects higher 
on the "NEEDS DONE" list. One thing at a time.


The theatre originally open in the 1930's as the Alpine Theatre of Sutton,
it had a stage for "Live Shows" and had a screen on the back wall for films and news reels.
More info under 'History'.

When it was reopened in late 60's or early 70's it was renamed Elk Theatre. 
They moved the screen out in front over the stage opening.
It was also enlarged to show the newest features on  "The Big Screen".
They also added the "Elk Theatre"  Neon on the marquee.
Read about our repairs to that under 'marquee'.

When we purchased the theatre; it had a small 100 watt sound system in the auditorium.
Several folks told us they couldn't come to movies 
because they just couldn't hear parts of the new movies.
We replaced that system with a Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound system in 2010.

 We still have the stage and are currently working 
to make it possible to use the theatre for more than our weekend films.

We just installed our pulley system for the screen in 2013.

Every project takes time.
We hope to have the additional space up and working soon.
Maybe it is a good space; you would need to use!

250 seats

22x10 ft screen 
antique lighting    OLD 100amp sound     


Concession Auditorium Marquee
Lobby Stereo Building