A Look Around

For those that would like an idea

of what is inside our little theatre,

here's a little look around.

Hope you enjoy our photo album of the areas

and of our work on the Elk Theatre.

Since our purchase in July 2007;

we have been working to bring her back to life!!!


We Show First Run Movies.

We Serve Hot Buttery Popcorn,

Ice Cold Sodas,

Assorted Snacks,

and Fresh Roast Coffee

All at Family Friendly Prices.

Check Out Our Price List.

We also serve additional food items

during Festivals and other special events.

We are an old 2-story

Concrete Block Building

With a Brick Front & a Marquee.

We are on a 34 X 100 ft Lot

from Main Street to the Alley.

She opened as

the Alpine Theatre

in Sutton WV in 1937.

We have a single Ticket Booth,

that separates 2 Double Entry Doors.

Our Lobby has sloped Terrazzo Floors.

Our Auditorium seating area

is approx. 33 X 65 feet;

with approx. 250 seats,

all were dressed in red

until we upgraded

the center section July 2017

with grey seats w/cup holders.

Our floors have a gentle slope,

You can roll a wheelchair from the sidewalk

straight through into our Auditorium.

No additional Ramps needed.

We have seat areas

to park a wheelchair.

Our Projection Room is located Upstairs

Authorized Personnel ONLY.

(We occasionally give a private tour,

if not busy, during a show,

or currently upgrading something.)

When we purchased the Elk Theatre -

we knew she needed a lot of work.

The snack bar area was not legal

to serve concessions

so that was the first thing

in the Elk Theatre to be changed.

New concession sink, a hand sink

and several additional upgrades

made it legal

for our restaurant permit. (2007)

We usually smoke pork,

serve hot dogs and

other foods

for our festivals

& other special events.

The screen was ripped up one side

and had been duct taped together,

the other side was beginning

to rip and was already taped. (2008)

The 'ELK THEATRE' neon signs

were busted.

The marquee roof was completely rotten

and had collapsed.

All the rotten wood and other debris

had to be removed.

Also many parts inside the marquee

needed repaired or replaced.


Ask us about our

marquee blinker system sometime!

The theatre had a

single channel 100 watt sound system.

Many customers said they

could not hear parts of the movies


We had our new

Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound

installed in Aug 2010.

We added a new lighting system

on the projector in 2010,

to brighten all the new movies

that are made so dark.

We originally used a

Christie Film Platter System

+ Re-winder,

a Westrex 35MM Film Projector

W/ Changeover

+ Simplex Sound Head

and a

Xenon Lamp House

with a 1000 Watt Bulb.

She worked very well.

But it was upgrade

to Digital or close.


Great way to spend


We had our new

Digital Projection System

installed in Oct 2013.

We now use a NC900c

with a Doremi Server.

This also required additions

to our Dolby Surround System

to communicate with the new projector.

Installed a CP500

We had to replace our old

Star Model #99 popcorn machine

when she broke and we needed parts.

She was wired together &

needed gears

when we bought the theatre.

We couldn't locate needed parts.

We upgraded to a larger

Creters Headliner - 32

Popcorn Machine. [2012]

That cost us around $1000.

Our Star #99 moved on

to a theatre in Tennessee

so they could rebuild their #99

and continue to keep

one of the old girls alive! {2019}

We also have our smaller

Digital Projector at the theatre

for use during small private events.

We installed a pulley system

to raise the 'Big Screen',

so we can use the stage

for 'Live Shows'. [2013]

It makes it easier to

open the stage for the Bands

at the

Elk River Music & Arts Festival!

Had A New Roof

installed on the Marquee! 2019

Upgraded the Sound System Again

in Nov 2019

Installed a CP650

We had repairs done on the leaky roof.

We have even replaced sections of walls.

We have also added

many other items along the way:

designated electrical outlets

and other wiring.

a new ice maker, a refrigerator,

shelving, safety lighting,

new toilets and

additional plumbing items,

new counters..

There is always still more to do.

The work continues....