Our Specialty Coffees  

Roaster is not installed inside Elk Theatre but is located in Braxton County, it does sometimes get set up at the Elk Theatre during special events.

 We are the only roaster in central WV.
 We are a small batch roaster - this means the freshest coffee you can get.   You call - We roast.
 We do not store a large quantity of roasted coffee - it ends up not being fresh roast!   

   Product details                 REGULAR or DECAF

We currently serve our fresh roast, fresh ground coffee during movie show times.  
[tx included in price.]
We also sell fresh roast by the bag, as whole bean or fresh ground. 
To check availability of coffee for your upcoming visit; 
You can call the Elk Theatre 304-765-2519 or call Jane at 304-689-6011.

       Product prices     $1.50/12oz cup   $2.00/16oz cup        {Cup Price inc. Tax}

As of Jul 1 2013   one pound remains at $12.00 and half pound is $6.00 
In WV -  Sales Tax is 0%. 

We Prefer a Darker Roast, so that's how we usually Roast, 
if you like it a lighter roast just ask. 
You can call Jane at 304-689-6011.

If you are not local 
and would like to purchase bags of coffee -
just call, we'll run it down the street to the Post Office. 
Shipping fees will be added to our posted prices. 

Our Zip Code is 26601.     A 1 pound coffee bag is approx. 5"W X 3"D X 8"H 
It weighs just over a lb.   (lb. coffee + the package weight) 

Calculate Postage USPS 

If you would like Express Service, please expect additional fees. 
(The only overnight from central WV was a $35.00 charge for an envelope through UPS. In 2010. 
Haven't checked their rate lately.)