Elks National Foundation

The Elks National Foundation (ENF) was started in 1928 with the premise that every cent contributed would become part of its permanent endowment fund, never to be spent or subtracted, and this “core” would continue to grow.

The proceeds from the Elks National Foundation Endowment Fund is distributed each year through our Scholarship Programs, in funding the nationwide Drug Awareness Program which reaches millions of young people and their families, in financial support for the Elks “Hoop Shoot” free throw contest where more than three million youths participate, plus substantial annual grants to each of the 48 state associations and local Lodges to continue and expand their programs that help the disadvantaged to lead happy and productive lives throughout America.

Available Grants to Local Lodges:

Spotlight Grant – Available to Lodges focusing on literacy initiatives and veterans experiencing homelessness.

Gratitude Grant – Available to Lodges that meet the GER’s per-member-giving goal to ENF in the proceeding Lodge Year.

Beacon Grant – Available to Lodges to give them an opportunity to develop a new, ongoing, Lodge-led charitable project.

Promise Grant – Available to the first 500 Lodges that apply to hold eligible, charitable youth projects.

Freedom Grant – Available to 300 Lodges to hold projects that serve veterans and active-duty military members.

Impact Grant – Impact Grants are competitive grants designed to set a standard of excellence in community leadership through service.

At the Mid-season Extravaganza, we raised $305 on the king and queen chance raffle. These funds will be sent to Elks National Foundation (ENF) on behalf of the Houma Elks Lodge #1193.

Please consider making a donation to ENF when paying your 2019-2020 dues. Every dollar helps us make our per-capita quoted which allows us to apply for the various grants offered from ENF each Lodge year to help us fund activities for Veterans, youth and our community.

We were awarded the Anniversary Grant of $1,500 which allowed us to sponsor the Terrebonne LEGO League in area and state competitions and the Gratitude Grant of $2,500 which allowed us to sponsor TeamSpirit, a local Drug Awareness conference for youth. Just recently, we were awarded a second Gratitude Grant of $2,500 for the Terrebonne Food Bank providing food to the families needing assistance. We have also applied and received a $2,000 Beacon Grant to once again help fund a dance for Terrebonne ARC along with a snowball day that will be supplied by Busy Bee Snowballs.