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It is my greatest wish that people look at my art on Art Blop and say, "You call that art?"  
Each gallery comes complete with its own art and artist statement. So please be patient. Think of the statement as a docent, a little guide to what the art is about. (Just incase you doubt that it is a blob of art, at least give it a chance to explain itself.)
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New Works: Dissolvable Toys for War Tots
Evidence of the destruction of War will not only exist in devastating landscapes, it will exist in the tears of children. In memory of the children who suffered the out come of the Gulf / Afghanistan War I made Dissolvable Toys for War Tots. Dissolvable Toys for War Tots are ephemeral toys made of water-soluble fabric and thread, stuffed with cotton candy with a heart of sunflower seeds.  The art is completed once the tears of children affected by the Gulf / Afghanistan War any where in the world are collected and used to bathe the toys so to dissolved them. Thereby, releasing the sunflower seeds, in order to allow for some one to plant the seeds and water them with the tear solution. If tears are not collected, the cotton candy will eventually harden, shrink and disintegrate along with the water-soluble materials. Once this happens, the sunflowers may be planted. The artwork is completed when the seeds are planted and a new landscape is under construction.


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