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Lectures & Courses

Adult Education / Synagogues / JCCs: 
• Freud and Jewishness
• Freud's Moses
• Jews and Race
• Remembering and Forgetting in Jewish Tradition
• Moses and Modernity
• Personalizing Passover
• Haggadah For The Wicked Child
• Circumcision and Its Discontents
• Inventing Traditions
• I Love Jews: Does that make me a Philosemite?
• What is Anti-semitism?
• "Are you Jewish?" (Defining Jewishness in the 21st Century)

Undergraduate/Graduate Courses:
• Race and Religion (Religious Studies)
• God and Psychology (Religious Studies)
• Moses and Multiplicity (Religious Studies, Jewish Studies, Literature)
• Inventing Traditions (Religious Studies, Jewish Studies)
• Hearing Voices (Religious Studies, Literature)
• God, Sex, and Dreams: Psychoanalysis and Religion (Religious Studies, Jewish Studies)
• Literary Theory (Literature)
• History of Anti-Semitism (Religious Studies, Jewish Studies, History)
• Anti-Semitism and Philosemitism (Religious Studies, Jewish Studies, History)
• Memory and Forgetting (Religious Studies, Jewish Studies, Literature)