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Haggadah for the Wicked Child

A "script" for the Passover seder, edited anew every year since 1999. 

short description:
The first year I co-wrote the "script" with two amazing people: Sarah Lewison and Rachel Mayeri. What began as an experiment in performance art + silliness has since become a vaguely serious endeavor. Various people have described the haggadah as "irreverent," "hilarious," "provocative," and "scholarly," and have urged me to publish, promote or somehow distribute it.... I dream of making the Haggadah the sequel to the classic Maxwell House Haggadah, distributed for free (at Passover-time) with every bottle of two-buck-chuck (Charles Shaw Wine, available only at Trader Joe's), or every cup of Peet's Coffee, or every box of Barton's Chocolates, or magic kosher-for-passover-beer. Write to me with suggestions, questions or requests.

For the last three years, I have also instituted a new tradition which I hope others might extend: About a week before Passover, I have posted an invitation to my Seder on craigslist. Last year I had 8 wonderful people who found my seder via craigslist (in addition to the 12 or so friends who also participated in the Seder). Everyone brought wine and an extra Passover-food and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I think they also appreciated the chance to go to a seder that was a) not designed for "dating" purposes, and b) did not require huge fees. If you are interested in knowing more about this tradition, write to me!

long description: