Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign School of Labor & Employment Relations  and Department of Economics

Papers under Review

"Why Don't Firms Hire Young Workers During Recessions?"

    Revision requested, Economic Journal

"Careers Within Firms: Occupational Mobility over the Lifecycle"  

    Upjohn Institute working paper; 18-286

    Revision requested, Labour

"The Occupational Structures of Low- and High-Wage Service Sector Establishments"

    Upjohn Institute working paper; 18-292   
    Accepted, Economic Development Quarterly

Research in Progress

White Collar Technological Change: Evidence from Job Postings (with Marcus Dillender), 2018

Hiring and Cyclical Unemployment Rates for Disadvantaged Workers (with Jhih-Chian Wu), 2018

Flows in and Out of Management Occupations (with Juan Muñoz), 2018


Fall 2018, LER 590: Technology, Innovation, and the Future of Work (MHRIR course). Syllabus

Fall 2018, LER 545, Economics of Human Resources (MHRIR course). Syllabus

Spring 2018, Economics 593, Topics in Labor: Modeling the Labor Market (PhD labor economics field course). Syllabus

Current and Former Graduate Students

Jhih-Chian Wu (assistant professor National Chengchi University, Taiwan)
Juan Sebastián Muñoz, (PhD student, UIUC Economics)