"Custom horseshoes and trimming for the equine athlete"
A balanced trim and properly fit set of horseshoes is the best gift you can give your horse. I am here to help your horse develop and maintain healthy and strong feet. 

Do you have a horse with flared, dished or cracked hoofs?   In most cases these are signs of imbalance in the foot. Often, when the foot is brought back under the horse a normal foot will emerge.

Do you have a need for special shoeing? Need stud holes?  My truck is specifically modified to carry an anvil, forge, drill press and saw so I have everything to do the job.

Do you have a chronically laminitic horse (foundered) that you need special trimming methods employed? A veterinarian prescribing a shoeing protocol? I have helped manage  horses with special needs.

Do you need a farrier that will not abuse your horse? Do you have a horse that has mobility issues that makes it difficult to  hold their legs up for the farrier? While I am not looking to fill my practice with  dangerous or untrained animals; I am patient and can accommodate most horses with physical limitations. I also have extensive experience with young stock.

I hold the American Farrier's Association "Certified Farrier" endorsement meaning that I have passed a written, practical and specimen shoe display judged by respected leaders in this trade. 

If you are looking for something different from any other farrier out there I am looking for you. I'd love to talk to you about your horse.