Painting Instruction with Elizabeth Osborne

Elizabeth Osborne now offers painting and art instruction

in the studio or in your home

Have you always wanted to learn oil painting?  Or do you already paint, but wonder how you can make faster progress towards more professional work?  Do your paintings take forever to finish?  I am now accepting students for private instruction, in your home or in my Virginia-Highland studio.  Beginners or experienced painters can expect to learn a lot of useful information quickly.  I will focus on painting technique...we won't be stretching canvases or making color wheels.  In general I like to concentrate on brushwork and color mixing.  I encourage keeping it simple, using a direct painting approach and a limited palette.

What will classes cover? Instruction is personalized for each student.  First, we will talk about your previous experience, your style, and what you'd like to work on or improve.  Based on that, I'll give you a list of suggested supplies.  When we meet, we can look at your old work if you like, to see what you can use help with. My goal is to help you make your work look more professional, and to help you get better with each painting instead of getting frustrated with the same obstacles.  You'll enjoy your painting time a lot more when you're continually getting better at it.

What do students typically need help with?  Composition, color mixing, correcting brushwork problems, learning to see things in shapes and colors as they really are, becoming less inhibited about technique, learning to paint faster but better.  The canvases you do in the class will be strictly for learning...this won't be a class where you bring in the same painting every session. 

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Class Info and Fees:

One Student  $50/hour         Two Students  $35/ hour each

Series of Six Classes:            One Student,                         (6) Two-hour Sessions  $500  (6) Three-Hour Sessions  $750

Two Students,                        (6) Two-Hour Sessions        $350 per student                  (6) Three-Hour Sessions    $525 per student

Contact Me: 404-915-6427