A Year in the Life of Epiphany*

*A Liberative Arts University
"Elizabeth of the Epiphany", my tribute to G.K. Chesterton's "Manalive", is being offered for the sheer fun of sharing it with people who just might be delighted by the world of this new 'University'. I've already had requests to matriculate, from readers who want it to be real! I've been emailing and mailing this story out, chapter by chapter, for over two years now. If you know me, you will see our lives and thoughts and pet peeves and crusades and private jokes and personalitites and hopes and dreams and favorite books and humble opinions woven all through it. By 'our', I mean mine, my family's, and all the friends who sit at our kitchen table solving the problems of the world - you know who you are. I also mean you, because it's the strangest thing to see - how readers of this book find their way into it. Of course it would be heinous and obnoxious of anyone to pretend you wrote it, or copy it for sale, or otherwise violate standard copyright conventions. But it would be the finest thing in the world for you to link to it, recommend it, quote from it, or - best of all - send me feedback on it! Writing is a lonely business.  The internet doesn't have to be a place where everyone is trying to get something from you, or manipulate you into a buying frenzy, or building a platform for Brand Me. I'm fond of saying that we shouldn't sell what we haven't learned to give away. Here's where the rubber meets the road! Enjoy!
    Love, Charlotte