How to Order

All ordering information can be found below, please read before contacting.
I do not keep a stock of clothing or costumes, all are made to order. As such please allow appropriate time for the order to be completed.

Contact info

Costume & Clothing ordering info
Important: Some garments will require at least one fitting during construction. If you're unable to come for a fitting then please understand I cannot guarantee a perfect fit.

When contacting please include:
  •  For replicas; Images or sketches of the costume, front and back. For detailed or multiple layers I may ask you to provide more so the garment can be as accurate as possible.  I will discuss with you any issues with the design should there be any before starting.
  • A budget if you have one. All garments will be made with the best fabric for the job unless told otherwise, if you are on a budget I will provide you with options using cheaper fabrics.
  • Any preferences or changes you'd like. Eg. certain fabrics or colours you'd prefer, if you'll need it to have extra movement or durability, if you'd like certain areas longer, more covered and vice versa.
  • When you need the garment. Again, all items are made to order so please allow reasonable time to complete the order.
  • Your location and if you're able to come for a fitting if needed. I will let you know if a fitting will be needed in my first email. 

Drapes, bedding etc.
For both made to measure and any alterations, please include measurements and fabric type with your inquiry. It will help me to provide you a faster quote. 

Repairs and Alterations
Please provide at least one image of the damage/garment when emailing.
Base prices for alterations can be found here, prices may alter based on the style or fabric of the garment.