Lesson Rates & Policies

Studio Rates 

1/2 Hour Lesson: $150/month*

Recommended for beginners.

45 Minute Lesson: $225/month*

Recommended for older beginners wishing to advance more quickly, and intermediate levels above the age of 10.

1 Hour Lesson: $285/month*

Recommended for advanced intermediate to advanced players, above the age of 12.
Studio Fee & Payment Policies
Lessons are held on a weekly basis, at the same time each week. The tuition fee is based on 4 lessons per month. Months with a fifth day will be used for makeup lessons if needed. If a makeup lesson is not needed, students pay for one additional lesson that month. Students pay at the beginning of the month for that month's lessons, by either cash or check.
Rescheduling Policy
If for any reason you need to reschedule a lesson, please give at least 48 hours notice and I will do my best to accommodate you if my schedule allows.
Initial Lessons
If you would like to try a lesson before committing to an entire month, I am more than happy for you to do so. The charge for this is $40 for a 30 minute lesson and $55 for a 45 minute lesson. And of course, if you begin lessons in the middle of the month, that month will be prorated based on the number of lessons that month. 

*Prices apply to September-May. Please ask about flexibility during summer months.